People who study children’s growth and development now understand their field more deeply than ever! That understanding has launched the next logical step forward in the education of young children.

Be prepared to see very young children take responsibility for their own needs. Be ready for classrooms with a new look and sound. Be curious about a different story for early education!

Where you see danger, risk and messiness; your child sees the chance to learn.

Little girl playing in mud puddleWhy? Children are WIRED to learn. From birth to five their brains are busy making the connections they need to make sense of the world—both now and in the future. Learn more.

You’re excited about days off; your child wants to work!

Little girl watering plantsWhy? Work is another way that children figure out the world. Plus, since they see their parents and teachers work, children feel POWERFUL when they can work themselves! Learn more.

Learning Centers Near You

Below are some early education centers that focus on taking full advantage of the growth and development opportunities of children. Contact them to learn more.

DeKalb County

DeKalb Central Early Learning Center at:
Country Meadow Elementary
J R Watson Elementary
McKenney Harrison Elementary
Waterloo Elementary

YMCA of DeKalb County Early Learning Program
533 North Street
Auburn, IN 46706

Garrett Keyser Butler Head Start
504 S 2nd St
Garrett, IN 46738
(260) 357-3333

Judy A Morrill Early Education Center
1200 E. Houston St.
Garrett, Indiana 46738
(260) 357.1917

Steuben County

Agape Child Care Ministry and Preschool
4540 South 1100 West
Hudson, IN 46747
(260) 351-2098


Kosciusko County

New Beginnings for Kids
706 W Syracuse St
Milford, IN 46542
(574) 658-9440


Noble County

Cole Center YMCA Preschool – Albion Elementary
202 Cougar Court
Albion, IN 46701
(260) 347-9622


Whitley County

Armstrong Early Learning Center
950 E Van Buren St
Columbia City, IN 46725
(260) 244-9622

Contact Us

If there is no resource in your community, contact the Dekko Foundation to find out how you might offer the next logical step forward in early childhood education.

Dekko Foundation

PO Box 548
1208 Lakeside Drive
Kendallville, Indiana 46755

Does my young child's classroom foster self-reliance?

Does my young child's classroom foster self-reliance?

Great things happen when adults step back and consider what children need to grow and develop!

Great things happen when adults step back and consider what children need to grow and develop!

See how an early education center looks when adults step back.

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Watch the Hum of Learning!