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Slice It UP



Slice It Up

Age: 2.5 to 5 years

Get Ready:  From the Dollar Tree (or your kitchen) get an egg slicer.  Offer it to your child along with soft foods such as bananas, strawberries or boiled eggs.  

Get Set:  Sit at a table and pull back the metal slicer, lay the item in and press the slicer forward & down.  Lift and discovered you’ve sliced it up in one swipe!

Sit Back and Watch Your Child GoWith a young child you might want to begin by showing him how to move the slicer.  Beyond that – no explanation is needed.  Experiencing this life skill of slicing food using a kitchen tool your child will begin to understand why kitchen tools are important and how they are used.  Using their hands and fingers will strengthen those small muscles.  

Want to amp up the learning?  Talk to your child as she does the activity.  Build their vocabulary by naming food and using words such as slice, press, squeeze, open, close.  Count the number of slices.  Increase the pressure needed to slice by using playdough instead of soft food.  

Get CreativeExperiment with other soft foods such as kiwi.  Can you think of others?

As your child grows: offer other cutting tools to experiment with maintaining adult supervision!  Using cutting utensils is a life skill as children grow, they can work on cutting their toast in half, cutting their pancakes into bites, or cutting fruits or vegetables for a salad.  This increases independence and self-confidence.  

Your child will love: this type of big work!  He will love the increased responsibility and the knowledge that you trust him to do harder things.  He will love experimenting and discovering what slices easily and what is harder to slice.  

You will love: watching your child try and succeed!


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An initiative of the Dekko Foundation

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