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Are you ready to dive into learning about Dr. Chapman’s love language #1, physical touch? I was surprised to learn the following. In Dr. Chapman and Ross Campbell’s The 5 Love Languages of Children these authors state, “Studies indicate that many parents touch their children only when it’s necessary: when they are dressing them, putting them in the car, or carrying them to bed. It seems that many parents are unaware of how much their children need to be touched and how easily, they can use this means to keep their children’s emotional tanks filled with unconditional love”. I totally agree with Dr. Chapman and Ross Campbell when they state physical love is the easiest love language to use unconditionally, because parents need no special occasion or excuse to make some sort of physical contact with their child.

Having a set schedule or routine can benefit your family in many ways. Most kids (and adults) thrive on “knowing” what comes next. Schedules and routines provide a sense of security for young kids. They also help kids develop self-discipline and self-confidence because they are completing tasks on their own (or trying to). Creating a family schedule/routine will depend on the ages of your kids.

Hey there friends:) Today we are tackling one of the most underrated topics in parenthood…..sleep. Sleep is crucial for a healthy brain and a healthy body. Yet so many kids and adults struggle with it. When kids are tired they are more likely to act out. I am sure you are all familiar with this:) Here is a list to help your kiddos get a good nights rest.

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