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Hello everybody! We are starting a series of blogs called Back to the Basics. Parenting is complicated as it is, so our focus is to keep our tips and tricks as simple as can be. We are excited to get back to the basics of parenting and hope you are too! Today we are going to list simple things you can do to bond with your kids. Our culture sometimes exaggerates on how we should bond with our kids. No, we don’t always need to take them to an amusement park or to the movies to spend time with them. Don’t get us wrong, those are both awesome things to do with your kids but it doesn’t have to be the “only” way we can bond with our kids. Below is a list of simple things you can do with your kids!


 At Before5, we are passionate about helping you understand how your child grows and develops – especially in the first five years, which is when the really important learning happens.

An initiative of the Dekko Foundation

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